May 20, 2024



Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to elevate the status of Malaysian Athletics to a higher standard on par with other Asian Countries. Programme to be successfully implemented in stages.

  • To embark on a long-term strategic planning with emphasis on effective preparation and development of Malaysian athletics.
  • To encourage grass root development from amongst the primary school kids and instill awareness in sporting activities at a younger age.
  • To nurture and produce formidable young athletes of quality and caliber and setting the path for them to excel in athletics events within the region initially culminating to international events.
  • To improve and develop better qualified athletic coaches to handle various and specific athletics events in Malaysia.
  • To ensure a good working and cordial relationship with all relevant organizations such as the Malaysian Ministry of Sports, Olympic Council of Malaysia, The National Sport Council and other colleagues in the athletics domain.
  • To negotiate and obtain the blessings from the Malaysian government to lay athletic running tracks in each district in all the states in Malaysia.
  • To ensure that Malaysia Athletics Federation is the sole authority for the athletics in the country MAF will endeavor to develop fully equipped athletics training centers nationwide, exclusively, by and under the purview of the federation.